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Laura is a commercial airline pilot with over 30 years of flying experience in various aircraft around the world. She is a book author, guest speaker and TV/media aviation spokesperson.

As an aviation and health enthusiast, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insight. Whether your interests include travel, airplanes, aviation, weather, safety, airlines, or health, she addresses your questions and concerns in her blog, books, articles, speaking events, and social media!

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Travel Planning

Traveling with Children

Hello! Being both an airline pilot and a momma, I can tell you that I...
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About Pilots and Jets Travel Planning

“The Jet Set” TV – Talk Show all about Travel!

Hello! I want to share with you that I had the privilege of joining the...
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‘Pilot, Wife, and Mother: 9/11 ‘Shocked Me’

"...We were actually, maybe, unable to protect our passengers and from everything. That was a...
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Featured Travel Planning

The Most Bang for Your Buck

Hello! I want to share the above article with you written by Mandy Walker -...
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About Pilots and Jets

Airline Pilot Training

Hello everyone! It seems that pilot training remains a mystery to many! Who are we?...
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About Pilots and Jets

Pilot Shortage

Hello Everyone! The Pilot Shortage is a fact and is now upon us. Regional carriers...
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