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Laura is a commercial airline pilot with over 30 years of flying experience in various aircraft around the world. She is a book author, guest speaker and TV/media aviation spokesperson.

As an aviation and health enthusiast, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insight. Whether your interests include travel, airplanes, aviation, weather, safety, airlines, or health, she addresses your questions and concerns in her blog, books, articles, speaking events, and social media!

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“Why Airplanes Slide Off Runways”

Hello Everyone! It is disconcerting to see this type of news about airplanes sliding off...
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“Future of Aviation” on The Jet Set!

  Hello Everyone! I was so thrilled to be back with the fantastic cast and...
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About Pilots and Jets

Aviation – Saving Lives

Hello! As I went for a walk last week and the coastal cliff, I noticed...
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Flying in the War Dog T-6 Airplane with John Collver!!

I had a total blast flying with John Collver in his T-6 Airplane called War Dog! We got to do some formation flying with Brad Lang in his T-6, do some aerobatics while blasting the smoke, cruise over the California Coast, and show off to the crowds at Fort MacArthur Days in San Pedro California! Please share this fun with us on the video!
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General Operations

A Thank You to the Air Travel Passengers!

Hello Everyone! in the past few months, so much attention has been given to negative...
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Primetime News KRON Ch 4 – A Real Mystery Situation

There was a recent situation at SFO again that has us puzzled. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Air Traffic Control and airplanes on the ground, the possible drastic consequences were avoided.
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